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News about Germany

Germany was one of the first countries to recognize Kazakhstan's independence in 1991. This recognition facilitated the swift establishment of diplomatic relations. The legal foundation for cooperation between the two countries began to take shape as early as   1992. That same year, the first German embassy opened in Almaty, followed by a Kazakh representative office opening in Bonn in 1993. These developments made news about Germany particularly relevant for Kazakhstan's citizens.
A new era of cooperation between the two countries began in 2008 with the adoption of the "Joint Statement on Partnership for the Future." The following year, the presidents signed a corresponding program to guide the development of diplomatic relations. Today, significant progress has been achieved, particularly in the area of economic cooperation, especially trade and investment. Intergovernmental collaboration continues, fostering new mutually beneficial areas of work.

All Current News about Germany

Kazakhstan remains Germany's largest trading partner in Central Asia, accounting for a significant portion of the trade turnover between the region and Germany. These high import and export rates are largely attributable to Kazakhstan's strategic location. The country serves as a vital logistical corridor between Asia and Europe, facilitating the movement of a wide variety of cargo. The total trade turnover between the states has steadily increased year after year, currently exceeding the impressive mark of $3 billion.
Germany, in turn, ranks among Kazakhstan's top ten trading partners. Kazakhstan remains a key supplier of oil products, ferroalloys, and other raw materials to Germany. The core areas of cooperation include oil and gas, transportation, engineering, logistics, and agriculture. German capital plays a significant role in the development of environmentally friendly renewable energy projects in Kazakhstan.  There are over 1,000 companies operating in Kazakhstan that leverage German investment.
Beyond economic ties, Kazakhstan and Germany are also strengthening inter-parliamentary cooperation, as well as collaboration in other areas. This exchange of experiences provides opportunities for both countries to refine their political processes. To date, the two nations have signed a total of 36 agreements, covering industrial, raw materials, scientific and technological partnerships, cultural development, combating organized crime, and more. Special attention is paid to improving the lives of ethnic Germans, a sizeable population within Kazakhstan. This close cooperation is one of the reasons why news from Germany is of great interest to Kazakhstanis. By following German news, Kazakhstanis can gain valuable insights into developments that can inform business decisions and other aspects of their lives.

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