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Astana, Kazakhstan • 14 April, 2023 | 13:51
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Kazakhstan and China to Lift Visa Requirements for 30-day Stays

The decree is expected to be ratified in May of this year

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The ministry of foreign affairs has submitted a draft decree on a mutual exemption from visa requirements between Kazakhstan and China, QazMonitor reports citing the open legalacts portal.

The decree outlines the terms for visa exemption stating that citizens of both states can visit for private affairs, tourism, medical treatment, cross-border transportation, transit, and business purposes. The exemption allows for single or multiple entries, exits, and temporary stays in the other party's territory.

The duration of the visit must not exceed 30 calendar days from the date of crossing the state border, and the total number of days cannot exceed 90 calendar days within a 180-day period. Currently, citizens of both countries can travel to the other state for a 14-day stay.

NOTE: if visitors intend to extend their stay beyond the defined term, they must apply for a visa before traveling to the other state.

To visit China, citizens of Kazakhstan must have the following travel documents:

– Passport

– Certificate of return

To visit Kazakhstan, citizens of China must have the following travel documents:

– Ordinary passport

– Service passport

– Temporary travel document

The public discussion of the draft law will continue until April 19. It is expected to be signed during President Tokayev's official visit to Xi'an in May of this year.

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