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Astana, Kazakhstan • 10 May, 2024 | 17:42

Kazakh Cupcakes Get Geographical Indication Status

Cupcakes from Sayram are now on the list of nationally recognized GI products

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Collage by QazMonitor
Collage by QazMonitor

The cupcakes made in Sayram, a town in southern Kazakhstan, received a geographical indication (GI) status and will now be produced under a dedicated brand name “Sayram Cupcake”, QazMonitor reports citing Kazinform.

What happened: On May 10, the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Justice, Talgat Uali, held a press briefing in Astana about domestic geographical indications. He mentioned that there are now five national GIs registered in the country — Turkistan Ice Cream, Turkistan Chocolate, Almaty Aport, Karagandy Ice Cream, and the latest addition, Sayram Cupcake.

Dear journalists, we would like to share the good news that another geographical indication, Sayram, has been registered in Kazakhstan. Sayram was a major medieval city along the Silk Road. To honor this historical site and boost its recognition in trade, the [patent] applicant selected the name 'Sayram' for the production of their bakery product.

said the Spokesperson.

The Justice Ministry also mentioned that since March, applicants can now get legal trademark protection within 3 months through an accelerated examination process. Previously, this procedure took up to 7 months.

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