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News about Visa-Free Regimes

The introduction of a visa-free regime and the constant expansion of the list of countries open to Kazakh citizens is a significant step forward in developing international relations, tourism, education, and other areas of life in Kazakhstan. This provides a unique opportunity for foreign citizens to visit the country, as well as for Kazakh citizens to travel more freely around the world, without the burden of lengthy bureaucratic procedures.

Current Events

Visa-free travel has become a major focus of Kazakhstan's foreign policy. It opens new doors for growth in tourism, business ventures, and cultural exchange. News of visa-free regimes and updates to the list of countries welcoming Kazakh citizens consistently garner attention from both Kazakh residents and foreign tourists and businesspeople.

The visa requirements for Kazakh citizens vary depending on the destination country. Some countries offer visa-free entry, while others may require a visa upon arrival or an electronic travel authorization (eTA). As of today, Kazakh passport holders can enter 38 countries without a visa altogether. These include Armenia, Georgia, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, and Turkey, among others. Another 37 countries, such as Egypt, Bangladesh, and Jordan, will grant visas upon arrival. Additionally, three countries (South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Kenya) require an eTA.

It's important to note that countries with visa-free entry for Kazakh citizens may have limitations on the duration of stay and permitted travel purposes. It's always recommended to check visa requirements before traveling, especially for extended stays or activities not covered by the destination country's visa-free policy.

Visa-Free Travel Benefits and Future Plans in Kazakhstan

Visa-free travel fosters the development of the tourism industry, stimulates market activity, and attracts investment. It also strengthens diplomatic relations between countries and promotes cultural exchange. News coverage about the benefits and development plans of visa-free regimes helps society understand their importance and impact on various aspects of life.

News about Visa-Free Regimes and the Future of Kazakhstan

The Kazakh passport currently ranks 66th in the world, according to the Henley Passport Index, and its position improves steadily each year. Kazakhstan is actively expanding its list of visa-free partner countries, demonstrating its openness and willingness to cooperate on the global stage. Plans to improve conditions for foreign visitors, students, and businesspeople further emphasize Kazakhstan's commitment to development. News about visa-free travel includes information on Asian, American, European, and African countries currently in negotiations with Kazakhstan to establish unilateral or reciprocal visa-free entry. In some cases, there might even be clear details about the format and implementation timeline of the visa-free regime. This information is highly relevant for those planning to expand their businesses, pursue studies abroad, or simply enjoy traveling.

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