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Astana, Kazakhstan • 14 July, 2023 | 15:08
1 min read

How Strong is the Kazakh Passport in 2023?

Holders of the sky-blue passport can visit 39 countries on a visa-free basis

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Vyacheslav Baturin
Vyacheslav Baturin

For a second consecutive year, Kazakhstan ranks 53rd out of 97 positions in the global Passport Index, with 39 visa-free travel and 52 more visa-on-arrival options available to Kazakhstan's citizens, QazMonitor reports.

The Passport Index is a real-time ranking that provides insights into the freedom of movement and visa-free travel options available to holders of specific national passports. The ranking evaluates the international ID documents of 193 UN member states and six territories based on a three-tier method, with several countries often sharing the same place.

The passport's mobility score assesses the ability for visa-free travel and obtaining a visa on arrival or an electronic visa if issued within 3 days. Additionally, the index reviews the visa-free ratio to that of visa on arrival. The third tier evaluates the country's placement in the United Nations Development Program Human Development Index.

As of July 1, 2023, the Kazakh national passport scored 91 points. Holders of the sky-blue passport can visit 39 countries without a visa, and obtain visas on arrival in 52 more destinations. According to the Index, 107 countries require Kazakh citizens to obtain a visa. Same as last year, our country shares the place with the island nation of Nauru.

Compared to neighboring countries, Kazakhstan ranks higher than China (58th), the Kyrgyz Republic (67th), Uzbekistan (71st), and Turkmenistan (79th), but significantly lower than Russia (35th).

Globally, the UAE holds the strongest passport in the world. Emirati citizens can visit 125 countries on a visa-free basis and 55 more with visas on arrival. Only 18 countries require holders of the UAE passport to obtain a visa.

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