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Astana, Kazakhstan • 21 June, 2023 | 10:53
1 min read

Local Authorities to Provide Pricing Information to Tourists in Kazakhstan

PM Smailov instructed the government on the implementation of the concept of the national tourism industry

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Unsplash/Alexander Serzhantov
Unsplash/Alexander Serzhantov

On June 19, Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov instructed the government to introduce the concept of the tourism industry in order to provide foreign guests with information on available services and approximate tariffs in Kazakh tourist destinations, QazMonitor reports citing the PM's press service.

During a government meeting, Smailov expressed his concerns about the current situation in the field of domestic tourism. Despite the fact that the tourist season has just begun, the authorities have already received over 500 complaints and appeals regarding the quality of services. Smailov specifically highlighted the exorbitant taxi fees charged to foreigners, the pollution of tourist areas, and the poor condition of access roads leading to them.

"We must set a goal. Kazakhstan should not rank lower than 50th place in the Global Travel and Tourism Index by 2029," said the prime minister.

To achieve this, he directed the ministry of culture and sport, in collaboration with local administrations, to implement the concept of the tourism industry. This includes the printing and distribution of booklets, guidebooks, and maps for all domestic tourist sites, indicating the approximate service tariffs. He emphasized the need to provide this information online as well.

Furthermore, the ministry of industry and infrastructural development, along with local administrations, should expedite road repairs and construction to major tourist locations, while the ministry for emergency situations and the ministry of internal affairs were instructed to strengthen security measures at tourist sites.

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