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Uzbekistan News

Uzbekistan remains a key regional partner for Kazakhstan. Diplomatic relations between the countries were established soon after independence. The shared border facilitates active development in trade, logistics, commerce, and environmental projects between the two states.
In 1998, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan signed the Treaty of Eternal Friendship, followed by the Treaty of Strategic Partnership in 2013, and most recently, the Treaty of Allied Relations in 2022. These agreements have laid the groundwork for positive political developments for many years to come. Given this level of cooperation, news from Uzbekistan is of particular interest to readers in Kazakhstan and other countries worldwide.
The demilitarization of the shared border section between 2001 and 2002 played a pivotal role in strengthening the relationship between the two countries. This process involved a voluntary exchange of territories. Tashkent received the village of Turkestan and parts of Kyzylorda and South Kazakhstan oblasts, where the Uzbek population is predominant. In return, Astana received territories near the Arnasay reservoir and the settlement of Bagys, with a predominantly Kazakh population. This exchange is one reason why news from Uzbekistan remains an important part of Kazakhstan's information landscape today.
Since 2003, joint efforts have been underway to demarcate border areas and prepare relevant documents. In 2023, both sides finally ratified the new land division. High-level political visits in 2017 led to the signing of more than 20 interagency and intergovernmental agreements, strengthening the countries' positions on a range of issues.

Uzbekistan News Today

Trade remains the primary driver of economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. The countries are consistently increasing trade turnover based on mutually beneficial agreements. According to current Uzbek news, Kazakhstan has become one of the Republic's top three economic partners.
In addition to trade, cooperation in finance, construction, agriculture, energy, pharmaceuticals, and investment has gained momentum. Over 1,100 Kazakh enterprises operate in Uzbekistan, while more than 1,400 companies with Uzbek capital are present in Kazakhstan. To improve the flow of passengers and cargo, the states have integrated their railways and highways, and established stable air service. Consequently, news from Uzbekistan is now directly relevant for many people planning travel or business ventures. Both republics are actively working to unlock the economic potential of the Central Asian region.

Uzbekistan News Today in English

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