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Astana, Kazakhstan • 28 March, 2023 | 16:27

Rybakina Donates ₸35M to Rising Tennis Players in Kazakhstan

Fourteen U18 female players received ₸2.5 million each

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Elena Rybakina, leader of Kazakhstan's women's tennis team, has donated ₸35 million to support the country's rising female players, QazMonitor reports citing KTF.

After her historic victory at Wimbledon 2022, Rybakina promised to donate part of the prize money to charity and support young talent.

«I think it would be the right thing to organize a tournament or to establish grants for junior players because I myself got a lot of support in Kazakhstan. Now, it's my turn to help the younger generation grow,” said the Kazakh player after winning that tournament.

Keeping to her promise, Rybakina has recently chosen to support the following fourteen U18 female players with ₸2.5 million grants: Linara Bulesheva, Polina Barabanova, Amina Nurmakhan, Ariana Gogulina, Satima Toregen, Eva Korysheva, Albina Kakenova, Asylzhan Arystanbekova, Dana Baidaulet, Ingkar Dyussebay, Aya Nupbai, Polina Sleptsova, Sandugash Kenzhibayeva, Zara Darken.

Rybakina decided to increase the initial number and volume of grants after the players sent her letters sharing stories of how they became professional players.

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