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Astana, Kazakhstan • 06 January, 2023 | 16:57
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Astana Shows Highest Population Growth in Kazakhstan

Population increase was observed in 13 out of 20 regions

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According to the Bureau of National Statistics, Kazakhstan’s population increased by 238 thousand and reached 19.7 million by December 1, QazMonitor reports citing

From January to November, population growth was observed in 13 out of 20 regions of Kazakhstan.

The highest growth was observed in Astana. In 11 months, the growth rate was 4.21%, followed by Almaty city (2.63%), Mangistau region (2.58%), Shymkent region (2.31%), and Almaty region (1.70%).

By December 1, the population of Astana reached 1.3 million. Almaty had 2.1 million people and Shymkent had 1.1 million people.

Regions that saw a population drop were the North Kazakhstan region, Kostanai region, East Kazakhstan region, Abay region, Pavlodar region, Karagandy region, and Zhetysu region. North Kazakhstan region in particular had more deaths than births.

Migration outflow continues in 15 out of 20 regions of Kazakhstan. Migration inflow was observed only in Almaty and Mangistau regions as well as Shymkent, Almaty, and Astana.

The countrywide migration balance remains negative between January and November.

About 61.7% of the total population lives in the city and 38.3% lives in rural areas. The urban population rose to 12.1 million people and the rural population up to 7.6 million people.

Kazakhstan's demography is forecasted to reach 27.7 million people in the next 30 years. 

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