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  3. Zaz Performs Kazakh Folk Cover of Her Hit Bop 'Je Veux'
Astana, Kazakhstan • 25 June, 2023 | 21:02
1 min read

Zaz Performs Kazakh Folk Cover of Her Hit Bop 'Je Veux'

The jazz diva and the Sazgen Sazy folk ensemble joined forces to infuse the World Painting art project with a captivating musical dimension

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Instagram/daut.shaikhislamov; Yann Orhan
Instagram/daut.shaikhislamov; Yann Orhan

French jazz diva Zaz and the Kazakh folk ensemble Sazgen Sazy joined forces giving a mesmerizing performance in front of the World Painting, a daring art project that brought people from all over the world together, adding to it a unique musical dimension. Together, they performed the diva’s hit bop ‘Je Veux’ rearranged for traditional Kazakh instruments, blending the artfulness of chanson with the nuance of kuy rhythm, QazMonitor reports.

The singer's debut single, 'Je Veux,' took European charts by storm, surprising audiences with its infectious energy. In this new collaboration, the song was brought to life with the enchanting sounds of the dombyra and kobyz, blending musical styles from distant corners of the world, and not only adding to the vibrant colors of the World Painting but embodying its universal idea of unity.

On June 19-21, Zaz toured Astana and Almaty, leaving a lasting impression on the local audiences with her infectious energy and remarkable talent, bringing to our little corner the essence of French soul and jazz.

The World Painting is an art project that has garnered global participation. More than 2,020 people from over 193 countries have contributed to this project, which now holds a Guinness World Record for the largest number of individuals using and passing a paintbrush, symbolizing world harmony. Over the years, numerous talented individuals have left their artistic imprints on the canvas, with the latest addition being the American singer-songwriter Ne-Yo.

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