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Astana, Kazakhstan • 09 June, 2023 | 10:23
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UN Presents Modern Children's Book in Kazakh on Global Challenges

Astana hosted a presentation of Shugylaly yertegiler, a modern Kazakh fairy tale book that addresses global issues for kids

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On June 6, the UN Women and UNFPA in Kazakhstan hosted a presentation of Shugylaly yertegiler – a modern Kazakh fairy tale book – dedicated to the celebration of Children's Day in Astana, QazMonitor reports.

The event featured a range of surprises to captivate the young audience, offering a spectacle of tricks and snap quizzes designed to test attentiveness, along with a delightful performance by a children's dance group. Additionally, any wandering guest had the opportunity to have their looks transformed on the spot by an aqua makeup artist.

The organizers unveiled the first copies of Shugylaly yertegiler freshly arriving from the Almaty-based Steppе & World Publishing house just hours before the event. This book is a collection of fairy tales, written in the Kazakh language and tailored for children aged five to twelve.


The stories within the book serve as a window for young readers into a world addressing global challenges and breaking gender stereotypes, fostering a caring attitude towards nature, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Gaziza Moldakulova, the UNFPA's national programme officer on population and development in Kazakhstan, emphasized that the stories in the book teach the significance of equality in modern society.

"I am particularly delighted that the collection includes tales that convey the message of gender equality and depict societies that are compassionate and just for all," said Moldakulova.

The collection of fairy tales is already accessible in audio format through the Qonzhyq App and will soon be available for purchase.

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