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Astana, Kazakhstan • 08 August 2023

Air Travel in Kazakhstan: Which Items Are Prohibited on Board?

The list makes exceptions for medicines, infant food, and special dietary products

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The ministry of industry and infrastructural development has prepared a comprehensive list of dangerous substances and items prohibited for passengers to transport by plane, which will come into force starting August 13, QazMonitor reports.

The list specifies the following items and substances not allowed in hand luggage:

– Liquids, aerosols, and gels contained in containers over 100 ml in volume, such as water, beverages, soups, jams, stews, sauces, pastes, and cosmetics like creams, lotions, oils, perfumes, sprays, deodorants, toothpaste, mascara, lip gloss, hair and shower gels.

– Pressurized containers, including shaving foam, and other foams.

– Mixtures of liquids with solids.

NOTE: The list makes exceptions for medicines, infant food, and special dietary products in the amount required for the duration of the flight, as well as liquids purchased in duty-free stores at the airport or on board of the aircraft.

The following items are prohibited in checked luggage:

– Portable e-smoking devices, with limitations on lithium content (2 g) and capacity (100 watt-hours) for lithium-ion batteries.

– Portable electronic devices containing lithium or lithium-ion cells and spare batteries, such as watches, calculators, cameras, cell phones, laptop computers, and video cameras.

NOTE: To transport portable e-devices containing lithium-ion batteries and spare lithium-ion batteries, with a specific capacity in watt-hours ranging from 100 to 160 watt-hours, approval from the operator is required.

The following items are prohibited in hand luggage and checked luggage:

– Radioactive substances.

– Narcotic substances.

– Compressed and liquefied gases, except for gases for medical purposes, carbon dioxide cylinders for activation of prostheses and life jackets, portable lightweight inhalers (nebulizers), and non-flammable and non-toxic aerosols up to 100 ml.

– Flammable liquids and substances, including acetone, gasoline, methanol, brake fluid, and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 70% by volume.

– Flammable solids.

– Poisonous and toxic substances.

– Infectious or biologically dangerous materials.

– Caustic and corrosive substances.

– Empty lighters, parts of the fuel system with traces of fuel, and containers used for transportation or storage of fuel and lubricants.

Additionally, the following items are prohibited in hand luggage and checked luggage, accessible by passengers:

– All types of firearms and ammunition for firearms and gas weapons.

– Stabbing and cutting weapons, percussion, and sharpened objects, as well as objects imitating them.

– Objects with blunted ends, including bats for baseball, softball, croquet, polo, and cues for billiards, snooker, and pool, as well as all kinds of batons.

– Explosive and other lethal devices containing at least an explosive charge and a means of detonation.

– Dry ice.

– Heart muscle stimulators or other devices using radioactive isotopes and radioactive pharmaceuticals, mercury barometers or thermometers, and medical or clinical thermometers.

– Wheelchairs or other mobility aids containing rechargeable batteries.

– Hair curling irons containing gas and gas refills.

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