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South Korea

South Korea News

Kazakhstan and South Korea established strong ties in recent decades, despite the geographical distance between them. There are approximately 100,000 ethnic Koreans living in South Korea, descendants of people deported by the Soviet authorities. Official diplomatic relations between the two republics began in 1992, following Kazakhstan's independence. South Korea opened its first embassy in Kazakhstan the very next year, with Kazakhstan reciprocating in 1996. Since then, South Korean news has become an important part of Kazakhstan's media landscape.
Nursultan Nazarbayev contributed to developing diplomatic relations between the two countries. Immediately after gaining independence, the president embarked on building mutually beneficial political ties with South Korea and other states. The foundation for international cooperation was laid in 1995 with the signing of the Declaration on Principles of Cooperation. This agreement paved the way for joint endeavors between South Korea and Kazakhstan in cultural exchange and scientific and technological advancement.

Current News from South Korea

Relations between the two countries were significantly invigorated in   2009. A strategic cooperation treaty was signed during this period, which is currently being actively implemented.  In 2022, the presidents of Kazakhstan and South Korea exchanged congratulations on the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations. The inter-parliamentary Friendship and Cooperation Group also plays a valuable role in fostering political development.
Currently, joint programs exist between the countries in the fields of digitalization, energy, mineral resources, and nuclear energy. News from South Korea today is predominantly positive. These reports highlight the deepening economic cooperation between the republics and the promising prospects for future collaboration.
Kazakhstan has become South Korea's primary trading partner in the Central Asian region. Today, the mutual trade turnover has surpassed the mark of $6 billion. Kazakhstan's main exports include titanium, uranium, gold, iron, ferroalloys, and rolled steel.  South Korea exports cable products, tools, car bodies and vehicles, and various electrical goods to Kazakhstan.
Presently, more than 200 Korean companies operate in Kazakhstan. These companies work in the fields of mechanical engineering, oil exploration, and electronics. They not only provide jobs but also make modern technologies more accessible to Central Asian buyers. Additionally, foreign investors are actively contributing capital to Kazakhstan's development. Over 500 companies in Kazakhstan operate with the involvement of South Korean capital.

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