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Astana, Kazakhstan • 02 February, 2024 | 14:34
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Woosong University to Open Branch in Turkistan Region

This will be the second South Korean university to open a branch in Kazakhstan

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Minister of Science and Higher Education, Sayasat Nurbek, met with a delegation from Woosong University. The university proposed to open one of its branches in the Turkistan region, QazMonitor reports citing the Ministry’s press service.

The Kazakh side outlined the government’s efforts to open branches of foreign universities and establish science and technology hubs across the nation, highlighting that, as of now, branches of twelve leading foreign universities have been opened in Kazakhstan.

Year after year, our universities strengthen relations with Korean universities. For example, last year we opened SeoulTech’s Higher School of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science in Kyzylorda. Kazakh youth show a keen interest in South Korean culture and education. Therefore, we are pleased to consider a proposal to open a branch of another Korean university in Kazakhstan.

Sayasat Nurbek, Minister of Science and Higher Education

In turn, the Executive Dean of International Schools at Wusong University, Yoo-Taek Lee, said that Kazakhstan presents an interesting opportunity for academic cooperation.

"We have a plan to open six different world-level ‘hybrid’ facilities, especially in Central Asian countries. Central Asia region can become a center of education, and Kazakhstan is an interesting place for our educational institution in terms of culture, heritage, and customs. As we begin our cooperation, we will envision the development of four different educational models," said Lee.

Located in Daejeon, South Korea, Woosong University annually hosts over 12,000 students. The university is developing its academic cooperation with 430 educational institutions in 67 countries worldwide, and about 780 professors upgrade their qualifications through the university’s academic cooperation programs.

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