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Astana, Kazakhstan • 19 October, 2022 | 14:08
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Kazakhstan to Sell Goods on Turkish E-Marketplace

Kazakh logistics company became partners with the "Turkish Amazon"

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Kazakhstan-made goods will be sold in Turkey's major online marketplace Trendyol, QazMonitor reports citing the Minister of Digital Development Bagdat Mussin.

Kazakhstan’s logistics company BigWays, which serves regional marketplaces, signed a contract to become a partner of Trendyol in the local market.

"In May, we introduced Kazakh IT companies to Turkish companies during the state visit of the President of Kazakhstan to Turkey and organized so-called orientation tours assisted by the employees of the Embassy and Consul General in Istanbul Alim Bayel," wrote the minister in a Telegram message.

One of the companies at the tour was Trendyol, whose value is estimated at about $16 billion. It's also informally called Turkey's Amazon and Alibaba. 

The minister continued: "During the visit, we agreed that we will work on logistics issues for the delivery of their goods to Kazakhstan, and we will bring Kazakh goods to the market of Turkey through the largest marketplace."

Bagdat Mussin noted that many Kazakhs are familiar with Trendyol and often try to order goods through resellers. This, of course, affects the delivery time and price for the customer from Kazakhstan.

We also discussed bringing domestic products to the Turkish market through Trendyol through the mechanisms of the Ministry of Trade. I think the first direct sales from Turkey to Kazakhstan and from Kazakhstan to Turkey are not far off.

Bagdat Mussin, Minister of Digital Development, Innovations and Aerospace Industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan
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