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Astana, Kazakhstan • 16 August, 2022 | 10:33
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Kazakhstan Wins Two Gold Medals at Breaking Tournament in Netherlands

Kazakh breakers dominated in the one vs one disciplines at Notorious IBE

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Little Shao
Little Shao

Kazakhstan’s breakdance team took two gold medals at the international hip hop dance festival, The Notorious IBE, in the Netherlands, Qazmonitor reports citing

Amir Zakirov, or B-Boy Amir, proved he was the best in 1vs1 breaking, where more than 500 competitors participated. Dias Aubakirov, who goes by his alias Ukrop, won the competition in 1vs1 footwork, among more than 300 participants. For Dias, this is his second time winning The Notorious IBE.

Earlier, Zakirov became the face of the official promo video of the world's biggest breaking tournament, Red Bull BC One, which will be held on November 6. He is also a member of the national breaking team, which will represent the sports in the 2024 Paris Olympics program.

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