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Astana, Kazakhstan • 03 August, 2022 | 17:04
2 min read

Kazakh B-Boy Stars in Official Promo Video for World's Biggest Breaking Event

Amir Zakirov wants the whole world to see the vibrant colors of Kazakhstan

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Victor Magdeyev / Red Bull Content Pool
Victor Magdeyev / Red Bull Content Pool

Kazakh breaker Amir Zakirov, who goes by his alias B-Boy Amir, became the face of the official promo video of the world's biggest breaking tournament, Red Bull BC One, which will be held on November 6 in New York, Qazmonitor reports citing The promo also features famous Kazakh performer dudeontheguitar.

B-Boy Amir, who is the reigning champion of the tournament, is not only the protagonist of the video but also the director and author of the idea.

"Directing is my second love. The first is breaking. Nothing is better than combining my two favorite activities," says B-Boy Amir.

“I want to tell the whole world about our culture – about that place where I grew up – but in a modern and unique way. Kazakhstan is now in the spotlight of the world breaking arena. We have something to share and something to show.”

Kazakh production company Qara Studios shot the video in Almaty. The final product is bold and daring – a colorful mix of Kazakh traditional culture and urban elements. The garments worn by the artist were custom-made to combine the past with a touch of the present.  

The music was written by Kazakh beat makers. Kazakh indie-pop artist dudeontheguitar (Nurbek Yelemes) is also featured in the promo video, taking on the role of a shaman. 

"Our idea was to show Kazakh culture in a way we're not yet used to seeing," says producer Nur Niyaz.

"Initially, Amir planned to shoot the video in nature. After reading his synopsis, I got an idea: I wanted to play around with contrasts. If there is something traditionally Kazakh, we immediately mix it with something modern and, at first glance, incompatible. If there is a yurt, it's not on the 'zhailau', but on a huge concrete pad with airplanes flying in the background."

Cameraman Yerkebulan Kuanyshbayev says that, despite prior planning and preparation, a lot of improvization happened on set – staying true to the spirit of breaking. 

Amir is also a member of the national Olympic team of Kazakhstan in this sport. On November 6, he will represent Kazakhstan at the world tournament in New York.

The International Olympic Committee officially added breakdance to the list of Olympic disciplines in 2020. It will be represented at the Paris Games in 2024.

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