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Astana, Kazakhstan • 28 May, 2024 | 12:54
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Jiangsu Trade Center to Showcase Kazakh Goods This Fall

The multipurpose center in Nanjing will serve as a trade pavilion aimed at promoting and selling Kazakh products in China

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All photos by the Ministry of Trade and Integration

The Chinese trade services provider Jiangsu SOHO Holdings Group Co., Ltd. is constructing an 11-building complex in Nanjing, with one building designated as a trade pavilion to promote and sell Kazakh products in China, QazMonitor reports citing the Ministry of Trade and Integration.

What it means: The Jiangsu–Central Asia Center (江苏中亚中心 — Центр “Цзянсу–Центральная Азия”) will begin operations in September. Initially, it will serve as a trade pavilion to promote and sell Kazakh products, and, potentially, goods from other Central Asian countries.

  • The project follows an agreement signed in March 2024 between QazTrade Center for Trade Policy Development and Jiangsu SOHO Holdings Group Co., Ltd.

  • According to the developers' plan, the trade center's first floor will serve as an introductory space for Chinese visitors to learn about Kazakhstan and its culture.

  • The second floor will feature exhibits of domestic goods across various categories such as agricultural products, industrial goods, and more.

  • The remaining floors will accommodate the offices of Kazakh companies.

We invite Kazakh businesses to actively exhibit their products at the Jiangsu–Central Asia Center to demonstrate the export potential of domestic goods. The Chinese side also grants QazTrade the exclusive right to place Kazakh products under a [certain] quota.

said Arman Shakkaliyev, Minister of Trade, during a tour of the center.

Further plans: In addition to the pavilion in Nanjing, the parties plan to establish a similar multipurpose center within Kazakhstan. This center will serve as a platform to showcase both Chinese and Kazakh goods, and as a space for businesses to negotiate, finalize contracts, access financial and consulting services, and formalize trade deals.

  • The parties anticipate that building major trade centers along the China–Europe route will involve the construction of warehouse infrastructure in the western direction. To facilitate this, the Kazakh side has proposed utilizing the joint Kazakh–Chinese Khorgos International Center for Border Cooperation for building foreign warehouses within Kazakhstan.

We support SOHO Holdings Group's plans to build in the [different] regions, especially the initiative in Kazakhstan. Before arriving here, we were in the Khorgos and reached agreements with the administrations of both [Kazakh and Chinese] special economic zones. Necessary areas for the development of logistics warehouses are available there. We will do our best to realize the project, as we see great potential and opportunities.

said Zhenis Osserbay, CEO of QazTrade, during a tour of the center.
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