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Astana, Kazakhstan • 27 May, 2024 | 11:58
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Top 4 Countries of Origin for Labor Migrants in Kazakhstan in 2024

The foreign workers are mainly employed in construction, agriculture, and administrative services

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The main countries of origin for labor migrants in Kazakhstan are China (29.5%), Uzbekistan (13.2%), India (8.6%), and Türkiye (7.7%), QazMonitor reports citing the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Population.

Latest statistics: The Labor Ministry reported that as of May 1, 2024, 13,733 foreign nationals are working in Kazakhstan under permits from local executive bodies, within a set quota of 22,000 for foreign workers. The main sources of labor migrants are China, with 4,059 people (29.5%); Uzbekistan, with 1,815 people (13.2%); India, with 1,192 people (8.6%); and Türkiye, with 1,068 people (7.7%).

The foreign labor permits are categorized as follows:

  • 564 permits for managers and their deputies

  • 2,599 permits for heads of structural units

  • 5,592 permits for specialists

  • 549 permits for skilled workers

  • 1,639 permits for seasonal employment

  • 2,790 permits for employee transfers

According to the Labor Ministry, there are currently 1,762 employers in Kazakhstan utilizing foreign labor with the following economic sector breakdown:

  • Construction: 4,222 workers (30.7%)

  • Agriculture, forestry, and fishery: 1,686 workers (12.2%)

  • Administrative and support services: 1,652 workers (12%)

  • Mining and quarrying: 1,276 workers (9.2%)

  • Manufacturing industry: 1,300 workers (9.4%)

  • Professional, scientific, and technical activities: 806 workers (5.8%)

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