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Astana, Kazakhstan • 04 May, 2024 | 10:25

Government Considers Lower Tax Multipliers for Older Cars

Authorities plan to set the tax rates depending on the vehicle's year of manufacture

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Ruslan Pryanikov
Ruslan Pryanikov

In response to a deputy’s inquiry, Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov stated that the government plans to revise the taxation of cars, QazMonitor reports.

What it means: Deputies note that old vehicles made between 10 and 20 years old make up the majority of the national car park. Because they're older, they break down more often and need more money for upkeep. These cars have depreciated over the years, yet owners still pay the same taxes as those with newer cars.

For several years, car owners have been raising the issue of revising the taxation of passenger cars to establish a more equitable approach based on the vehicle's service life and value. In this regard, a differentiated approach to taxation based on the year of manufacture of the car is proposed.

said the Prime Minister.

Officials are considering these tax multipliers for older cars:

  • For cars made between 10 and 20 years ago at 0.7 multiplier

  • For cars over 20 years old at 0.5 multiplier

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