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Astana, Kazakhstan • 06 December, 2023 | 07:33
1 min read

What Social Media Platforms Are Most Popular in Kazakhstan?

These three platforms dominated Kazakhstan's social media landscape in 2023

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Unsplash/Camilo Jimenez
Unsplash/Camilo Jimenez

As of November 2023, the StatCounter web traffic analysis website revealed that Pinterest holds the highest popularity among social media platforms in Kazakhstan in terms of the amount of traffic they refer to other sites, with a significant share of 29.28%. Following closely are Facebook with a share of 21.01% and YouTube with a share of 14.51%, QazMonitor reports.

Analysts at Finprom note that these three were consistently in the lead for almost an entire year. The only exception was in September when VKontakte (24.95%) and Instagram (23.2%) took the lead.

Among other widely used social media platforms are X (formerly known as Twitter) with an 11.46% share, VKontakte with 9.46%, closely followed by Instagram with 9.23%, and Reddit with 1.91%, rounding off the list.

In terms of platforms, Pinterest was the leader in popularity among social media on personal computers and laptops (29.48%), as well as on phones (29.21%), and tablet devices (30.21%).

Facebook remains the most popular social media platform worldwide. Its share amounts to 65.53%, while its closest competitors follow with a significant gap – Instagram (11.38%), Pinterest (10.02%), and X (8.49%).

Important to note: the statistics from StatCounter don't encompass messenger-type applications widely used in Kazakhstan, such as Telegram or WhatsApp. Furthermore, the provided data also omits the usage statistics for TikTok among Kazakh users. 

NOTE: StatCounter ranks social media sites according to their traffic generation capabilities i.e. the amount of traffic they refer to other websites. The site does not rank social media sites according to the amount of traffic they receive.

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