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Astana, Kazakhstan • 27 November, 2023 | 10:35
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EAEU Extends Duty-Free Imports of Electric Vehicles until 2025

Kazakh businesses now have access to public procurement in other EAEU member states for 63 types of goods

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During a regular meeting of the Eurasian Economic Council in Moscow, the parties agreed to remove barriers to integration and simplify trade and economic relations between the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), QazMonitor reports citing

The Kazakh side has expanded the scope of goods covered by the Union’s public procurement, adding clothing and accessories, as well as gloves and rubber mittens. Earlier this year, domestic businesses gained access to public procurement in other EAEU member states for 63 types of goods. Furthermore, the validity period for the ST-1 certificate, required for 276 commodity items with non-uniform production and technological conditions, has been extended by one year.

Several changes have been introduced to enhance the procedure for veterinary control at the customs border and within the territories of the EAEU member states. These modifications encompass the refinement of several terms, the specification of veterinary certificate forms, and the establishment of conditions governing the import and movement of veterinary, medicinal, diagnostic, disinfectant products, and feed additives. Furthermore, additional provisions have been incorporated to address the organization of laboratory tests during veterinary control.

During the meeting, the Council approved quotas for duty-free beef imports to the member states for 2024. Kazakhstan's quota was set at 5,000 tons, reflecting the country's self-sufficiency in domestic beef production, which meets the majority of local demand. Excess beef imports will be directed for processing, with the aim of reducing the cost of sausages and other meat products in the domestic market.

The EAEU has extended the duty-free import of electric cars into the territories of its member states until December 31, 2025. The parties anticipate that this measure will contribute to the development of the electric vehicle market, the expansion of charging infrastructure, and the improvement of the environmental situation in major cities.

Additionally, the parties agreed on the draft order of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council for the preparation of a roadmap in the coming year. This roadmap is intended for the implementation of the Eurasian Economic Way declaration, scheduled for approval by the Supreme Council at the end of December this year. The declaration outlines the further development of technical regulation and standardization within the framework of EAEU law, with a focus on producing safe and competitive products.

Lastly, the Council approved a revised version of the rules for issuing licenses and permits for exporting and importing goods subject to non-tariff regulation measures in trade with third countries. The changes enable countries that are prepared to transition to electronic document flow in an automated mode to issue licenses automatically.

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