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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 February, 2023 | 14:40
2 min read

Kazakhstan's Electric Car Market Grew by 65%

The increase accounts for only 0,02% of the total fleet in the country

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The number of electric-powered cars in Kazakhstan has grown by 65.4% over the year to a total of 812 vehicles, QazMonitor reports.

The share of electric cars in the country amounts to only 0.02% of the total car fleet. In contrast, 322.4 thousand vehicles in the country run on mixed fuel, which comprises 8.2% of all vehicles registered in Kazakhstan.

When compared to conventional cars, the production of hybrid cars creates significantly more pollution because of the lithium-ion batteries used to power them.

Residents of Almaty registered the highest number of electric cars with 420 vehicles, which is a sharp jump from 43 at the beginning of last year. The North Kazakhstan region followed in second with 108 cars registered, and Astana came third with 61 registrations, compared to 35 a year ago.

Most of the mixed fuel cars were registered in the Mangystau region with 74.3 thousand vehicles, a 3.6% rise from last year. The Aktobe region came second with 35.8 thousand cars (+6.4%), and the Turkistan region with 23.1 thousand (+27.7%).

According to Heycar, electric car sales grew worldwide by 40% in 2022. Every one out of ten cars sold had an electric motor.

The new Tesla Model Y became the best-selling electric car in 2022, surpassing the Tesla Model 3. Overall, about 1.6 million electric-powered cars were registered worldwide in 2022, which is a 2% drop from the previous year. Analysts noted the negative impact of the pandemic and the continued global shortage of semiconductor chips on the industry.

Instead, the global market for hybrid cars grew drastically in 2021, according to the analysts at the Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

More than 799,000 gasoline-powered passenger cars were sold, a 75.6% increase over 2020. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles sold 173,500 units, 2.5 times more than 2020. Electric car sales rose to 459,400 units, a 92.6% increase over that same year.

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