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Astana, Kazakhstan • 15 September, 2023 | 14:19

Kazakhstan Secures Deal to Provide Satellite Internet in Rural Tajikistan

The pilot stage will involve ten settlements receiving Internet services via the KazSat-3 satellite

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The Digital Ministry secured several digital export deals with Tajikistan during the International Exhibition of National Goods in Dushanbe, QazMonitor reports citing the ministry’s press service.

Representatives from Kazakhstan included the National Information Technologies and the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation, and Aerospace Industry, who signed multiple agreements with Tajikistan’s Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, as well as the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade.

These agreements outline plans to assist the Tajik side with a website builder for e-government resources, training civil servants, providing information on electronic licensing, and issuing vouchers for programmer training.

Furthermore, the Republican Center for Space Communication and Tajik telecommunications company Net Solutions reached an agreement to launch a pilot project for providing Internet services to ten rural settlements in Tajikistan via the KazSat-3 satellite. Following the testing period, the parties intend to offer Internet access to around fifty more remote villages in the country.

Kanysh Tuleushin, the first Vice Minister of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry, emphasized that the signed documents signify a new stage for Kazakhstan's IT exports.

"For the first time, we are exporting domestic GovTech solutions. National Information Technologies is tasked with sharing our experience in building modern e-government infrastructure with our colleagues in Tajikistan. Simultaneously, the Republican Center for Space Communication, as part of the pilot project, will provide Internet access to ten villages, with plans for commercializing the project in fifty more villages next year," said Tuleushin.

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