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Astana, Kazakhstan • 12 September, 2023 | 09:47
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Nobel Fest in Astana to Bring Massive Lineup of Speakers

October 5-6, the annual festival will feature Nobel Prize winners, scientists, and industry leaders

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Nobel Fest
Nobel Fest

The annual keynote festival - Nobel Fest: Digital Upgrade is set to take place in Astana on October 5-6. The sixth rendition of the event will bring together Nobel laureates, and leading experts in various fields including science, information technology, economics, and innovation. The speakers will delve into advanced theories and practices of scientific and technological progress, covering a wide range of topics from artificial intelligence to climate change, the future of the economy, startups, and the labor market, as well as new facets of science and humanity's prospects.

The festival will explore key themes such as:

  • The Era of the Tech Singularity

  • The World We Don't Know: The Age of Artificial Intelligence

  • Human Brain Resources in the Digital World: On The Way To Singularity Or To Consciousness?

  • Connecting Our Worlds: Building a Multi-Planetary Civilization

  • New Frontiers of Science and Educational Development

  • The End of Globalization and the New Economy of the World

  • How To Create a ‘Unicorn’ And How To Grow Tech Giants?

  • The Future of Work and Human Capital

This year's lineup of keynote speakers is truly impressive and includes:

  • James Heckman: Nobel Prize-winning economist, ranked among the top 3 global economists.

  • Rae Kwon Chung: Nobel Peace Prize winner and the #1 expert on climate and sustainable development.

  • Gerd Leonhard: World-renowned futurologist, one of the top 3 influential visionaries on innovation according to Wired, and author of the bestseller "Technology vs. Man."

  • Martin Wesowski: Chief Futurologist and Head of Future Hub at SAP Innovators.

  • Vivek Wadhwa: Silicon Valley guru, recognized as one of the forty most influential minds in tech according to TIME Tech 40.

  • Frank Stephenson: The world's most influential car designer, known for creations like the Mini Cooper, BMW X5, Ferrari F430, and Maserati concept design, and founder of Frank Stephenson Design (FSD).

  • Sayasat Nurbek: Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • Iqbal Choudhary: Winner of the Mustafa Nobel Prize of the Muslim World and General Coordinator of the OIC Science and Technology Committee.

  • Dosym Satpayev: Renowned Kazakhstani political scientist and Co-founder of the Alliance of Analytical Organizations of Kazakhstan.

  • Lawrence Krauss: Founding Professor of the Department of Earth and Space Studies and Director of the Origins Project at Arizona State University.

  • Alexander Kaplan: Professor and one of the most influential experts in brain research, Head of the Laboratory of Neurophysiology and Neurocomputer Interfaces at MSU.

  • Richard Frackowiak: Professor Emeritus at the Institute of Neuroscience, University College London, and Head of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Université de Lausanne.

  • Artem Oganov: Renowned Innovator, Popularizer of Science, and Founder of the Commission on Crystallography of Materials of the International Union of Crystallographers.

  • Dmitry Dubrovsky: Member of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University, Professor at Briva Universitate, Latvia, and researcher at the Center for Independent Sociological Research.

Nobel Fest participants will have the unique opportunity to receive personalized certificates from a Nobel Laureate and enjoy the enchanting piano melodies of Ratovich, one of the capital's most talented musicians.

Nobel Fest serves as an international EdTech platform with the primary goal of inspiring thousands of Kazakhstanis to pursue education, science, and innovation. It annually attracts 500,000 participants and 500 universities from 100 countries, spreading the idea that knowledge and comprehensive education are key elements for long-term development, positive change, and a better future.

The mission of Nobel Fest receives support from domestic and international organizations, including the "Altyn Qyran Foundation," one of the largest public foundations in Kazakhstan; General Educational Partner - South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezov; Strategic Educational Partner - South Kazakhstan University named after M. Auezov; Strategic Partner - Qamalladin University; Official Partner - Platonus company; and BI Group and BI Education companies. Among the general media partners are the leading media agency of Kazakhstan, Qamalladin Media; the popular publication about life, work, and hobbies, The Steppe; and a progressive publication about people and projects in Central Asia, WeProject.

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