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Astana, Kazakhstan • 08 August, 2023 | 17:43
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Kazakh Exports to Expand to New Markets via Iranian Route

The three-day route from Iran to the UAE will open up markets in India, Pakistan, East Asia, and Africa for Kazakh exporters

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The Kazakh Trade Ministry discussed the creation of a direct export route between the ports of Kuryk (Kazakhstan) and Jebel Ali (UAE) through the territory of Iran with the Emirati feeder operator Simatech Shipping & Forwarding, aiming to open for domestic exporters markets in the Indian Ocean and East Asia, QazMonitor reports citing the ministry's press service.

Serik Zhumangarin, Kazakh Minister of Trade and Integration, met with Davood Tafti, the CEO of Simatech Shipping & Forwarding to discuss a joint Kazakh-Emirati venture with AD Ports Group.

The main goal of this venture is to facilitate the transportation of domestic agricultural goods from the Kazakh port of Kuryk to the Persian Gulf countries in just three days. The route will pass through the Iranian ports of Amirabad, Bandar Abbas, Bandar Khomeini, and Chabahar, reaching the Emirati ports of Khalifa, Fujairah, and Jebel Ali. From there, it will extend to ports of India, Pakistan, East Asia, and the east coast of Africa.

This route will be provided with all the necessary infrastructure and equipment, including two dry ports for cargo consolidation and reconfiguration. Additionally, the possibility of delivering other goods to European countries is not excluded.

To develop the new route, Simatech Shipping & Forwarding has already purchased four vessels, each with a capacity of 7,500 tons, capable of carrying bulk, containerized, and general cargo. These vessels, with a displacement of six meters, are currently stationed at the port of Amirabad. The company plans to acquire ten more vessels with similar capacities within the next two years. In addition, they have recently acquired two barges with the capacity to carry 350 trucks each and 45 trucks. The company intends to increase its truck fleet to 200 units within the next four months and further expand it to 1,000 vehicles in the future.

Simatech Shipping & Forwarding is a leading ship management company in the Persian Gulf, boasting a large fleet and engaging in cargo shipping between Iran and Arab countries, India, Africa, and China. The company also owns several commercial ports and terminals in Arab countries.

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