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Astana, Kazakhstan • 24 July, 2023 | 16:47
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Only Four Burial Plots Are Unoccupied at the National Pantheon Near Astana

The Pantheon announced a shortage of space

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Serving as a burial place for prominent figures in the state, science, and culture, who contributed significantly to the development of Kazakhstan, the National Pantheon near Astana has recently announced a shortage of space for further burials, QazMonitor reports citing Massaget.

The pantheon's foundation is centered around the mausoleum of Qabanbay Batyr, a national hero who stood against the Dzungar invasion in the 18th century. The burial ground surrounding the mausoleum covers approximately four hectares, with 25 burial plots allocated thus far. Since its establishment in 2019, 21 of the plots have already been occupied. To facilitate the development, the pantheon was allocated ₸40 million, with an additional ₸70 million dedicated to the landscaping of its premises.

Among the notable individuals interred here is Abish Kekilbayev, a screenwriter known for his contributions to classical cinema, including works like The End of the Ataman (dir. Shaken Aimanov) and its sequel Trans-Siberian Express (dir. Eldor Urazbayev). Also, laid to rest within the National Pantheon is Fariza Ongarsynova, a poetess and translator of world classics.

The list of the people buried at the Pantheon is as follows:

  • Oral Mukhamedzhanov – Chair of the lower house of the Parliament

  • Maksut Narikbayev – Chair of the supreme court

  • Konysbai Abil – Poet and satirist

  • Kosman Aitmukhametov – First deputy governor of the Turkistan region

  • Gulbanu Altynbayeva – Spouse of minister of defense Mukhtar Altynbayev

  • Kenzhegali Sagadiyev – Politician and economist

  • Klara Zhumabayeva – Buried with her spouse Abish Kekilbayev

  • Sayahat Konakai – Brother of Sara Nazarbayeva

  • Serik Kirabayev – Literary scholar

  • Sergey Dyachenko – Governor of the Akmola region

  • Kozy-Korpesh Dzhanburchin – Chair of the audit committee

  • Zeinulla Shaydarov – Secretary of the Akmola region executive committee

  • Ibragim Zhangurazov – Hero of Socialist Labor for his work in the agriculture sector

  • Anes Saray – Playwright and journalist

  • Bayan Zhakypova – Spouse of chair of the lower house of the Parliament Kabibulla Zhakypov

  • Kozhakhmet Bolakhmetov – Minister of education

  • Mnaura Sagyndykova – Spouse of governor of the Aktobe region Yeleusin Sagindykov

  • Kazhmurat Nagmanov – Minister of transport and communications

  • Maria Gabdullina – Spouse of philologist Myrzatay Zholdasbekov

Kazakhstan is not the only country in the post-Soviet space to establish a national pantheon for the burial of renowned figures. For example, Georgia and Armenia established their pantheons in 1929 and 1936, respectively.

The Mtatsminda Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures in Tbilisi serves as the final resting place for notable individuals such as Russian writer Alexander Griboyedov and his wife Nino Chavchavadze, esteemed Georgian cinema actress Veriko Anjaparidze, renowned painter Niko Pirosmani, among others.

In the Komitas Park and Pantheon in Yerevan, individuals like Aram Khachaturian, a prominent Soviet composer, celebrated actor Frunzik Mkrtchyan, and Sergei Parajanov, a defining cinema director of the past century, have found their peace, among other distinguished personalities.

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