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Astana, Kazakhstan • 05 July, 2023 | 16:40
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52 Falcons Released into Kazakh Steppe Under Conservation Program

The program operated by EAD rewilded 911 birds in Kazakhstan since its inception

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The National
The National

On May 5-6, a batch of 52 birds of prey – 23 peregrine and 29 saker falcons – were released in the Karagandy region as part of the Sheikh Zayed Falcon Release Programme, QazMonitor reports citing The National.

The program operated by the Environment Agency Abu Dhabi (EAD) is a wildlife conservation initiative that began in 1995. Over the years, the Emirati agency has rewilded a total of 2,211 birds. The recent release of birds in Kazakhstan marks the 14th consecutive event in the country, bringing the total number of birds released there to 911. This figure includes 293 saker falcons and 618 peregrine falcons.

Before their release, the birds underwent comprehensive medical examinations, extensive training, and were implanted with identification chips. Additionally, eleven falcons were equipped with solar-powered satellite tracking devices to monitor survival rates, migration patterns, and their spread across different areas.

Previous tracking data revealed that the falcons released by the program in the past thrived in the mountains and plains of the Karagandy region, making it a popular habitat for them.

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