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Astana, Kazakhstan • 13 June, 2023 | 11:58

Residents of Three Villages in Abay Region Evacuated to Semey

Nearly 150 people have been temporarily accommodated at the city's evacuation points

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On June 12, residents of three settlements in the Abay region were evacuated to the city of Semey due to the danger of an ongoing forest fire, QazMonitor reports citing the region’s press service.

80 residents of Bulak village were evacuated due to smog and placed in evacuation points where they were provided with food and basic necessities. Overall, three evacuation points in Semey are now accommodating about 150 people, including residents from Talitsa, Polovinka, and Bulak.

The regional administration previously reported that the city has nine evacuation points, ready to accommodate approximately 800 people.

According to local residents, the inhabitants of settlements near the disaster zone are receiving the aid.

"Yesterday, the smoke [in the area] was heavy, and the akimat [local administration] and emergency workers evacuated us. The evacuation went well – we were transported by bus to Semey. Here at the evacuation point, we have everything we need to wait until the fire is over and we can return to our homes," said Zhiengul Kurmashova, one of the evacuated residents.

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