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Astana, Kazakhstan • 10 May, 2023 | 17:12

Over 250 School Students Competed in Robotek Grand Tournament 2023

The large-scale event has become a quality benchmark for robotics tournaments in Kazakhstan

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On May 4 and May 5, 260 young robotics engineers took part in a large-scale Robotek Grand Tournament 2023 in Astana. Children from all across Kazakhstan tested their strength and competed for the title of Champion of Kazakhstan, QazMonitor reports.

For many teams, the tournament became a strong foundation in terms of networking and competition experience, which will be useful in future tournaments of the international level.


Robotek Grand Tournament was held at the Museum of the First President of the RK with the support of the Republican scientific-practical center "Daryn" of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

On the first day, kids from 10 to 16 years old competed in four disciplines: relay race, robot sumo, biathlon (junior category), and maze. Participants programmed, and assembled robots, improving them throughout the championship.

"This is a great opportunity for robotics development in the region. Such events inspire children to go further and not stop at what they have achieved. Also, today we shared experiences with colleagues from the regions, the children saw a new level and realized that there is something to strive for. It's great that today we can all participate in the beginning of something great," shared his opinion Marat Kulbaev, team coach from Kokshetau, a teacher at Al-Farabi IT lyceum.


As incentive prizes, the teams winning the first three places received cash certificates worth 100,000, 70,000, and 50,000 tenge respectively, and the schools that prepared the teams will receive a 3-month subscription to online course platform, which will also improve their level in robotics.

The winners of the first competition day:

Robo Sumo:

1. "Bars", Ulytau region

2. "B54", Pavlodar region.

3. "RoboHero", Atyrau region.


1. "Robostar", Kyzylorda region

2. "DNVR", Astana

3. "J8", Pavlodar region.


1. "SSG", Zhambyl region

2. "Robo Orda", Kyzylorda region

3. "J97", Pavlodar region


1. School - gymnasium #22, Astana 

2. "FastBoot", Pavlodar region

3. "Avatar", Zhambyl region.

The purpose of Robotek Grand Tournament is to identify and support talented students in the field of robotics, engineering, and programming. The event plays a great role in the popularization of technical professions among youth, as well as draws the attention of the public and officials to the issues of technical education.


On the second day, the competition was held in three categories and the participants were just as determined to win and actively participate. In addition, there were a series of workshops for teachers and museum excursions for the participants.

The second day of the Republican Championships ended with the following results:

Biathlon category (senior category) :

1. "Roboimaq", Kyzylorda region

2. Regional Specialized Lyceum School for Children Gifted in Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science, East Kazakhstan Region

3. West Kazakhstan region

Line race category:

1. "SpaceX", Zhambyl region.

2. "Teren Oi", Atyrau region

3. №44 MG, West Kazakhstan region

Kegelring quadro:

1. "John Cena", Akmola region

2. "Oreon", Zhambyl region

3. "Letsgo", Almaty

The team from Zhambyl Region was awarded a special "National Cup" prize from Kcell JSC, as the children scored the highest number of points in the team event.

Sanzhar Shalkarbekov, Director of Robotek (photo by QazMonitor)
Sanzhar Shalkarbekov, Director of Robotek (photo by QazMonitor)

Robotek School of Robotics is grateful to everyone who helped make this tournament happen. It was a big responsibility to gather children engaged in robotics from all over Kazakhstan, but we managed to do it and did everything at the highest level.

Sanzhar Shalkarbekov, Director of the Robotek School of Robotics

This is the second time Robotek Grand Tournament was held. The work was evaluated by a team of judges, who have extensive experience in conducting events of this level. The event was a real celebration of robotics for young engineers and contributed to the development of the technical niche in Kazakhstan.

The organizers of the championship are Astana Daryny Center for Development and Support of gifted children and talented youth, Astana IT University, Nursultan Nazarbayev Foundation, and Robotek School of Robotics. The general partner of the championship is Kcell JSC, and such companies as Mechta, CAES, and EPAM were sponsors of the event.

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