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Astana, Kazakhstan • 06 April, 2023 | 13:14
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Kazakhstan Plans to Increase Aluminum Processing Fivefold by 2029

The industry ministry plans to create 147,000 jobs

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By 2029, the ministry of industry and infrastructural development plans to launch more than 800 investment projects and create about 147,000 jobs, QazMonitor reports citing the ministry’s press service.

Marat Karabayev, the industry minister, noted that industrial zones will be launched to provide projects with the necessary infrastructure. Funds for these purposes will be allocated through the Industrial Development Fund. 

Additionally, a pool of twenty projects was formed to increase deep processing of raw materials and processed products. By 2029, we plan to increase domestic aluminum processing by five times, lead by four times, and copper by thirteen times.

Marat Karabayev, the minister of industry and infrastructural development

The ministry is also working to increase the added value of extracted resources by providing domestic raw materials to local processing enterprises at an affordable price.

Karabayev added that many cities across the country face an acute shortage of basic infrastructure facilities such as roads, power lines, gas pipelines. The minister proposed adopting a National infrastructure plan to form a sustainable countrywide infrastructure framework. A workgroup of state and local executive bodies will be created to draft the plan.

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