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Astana, Kazakhstan • 20 January, 2023 | 14:40

Kazakhstan Suspends Onion Exports for Three Months

Available onion stocks fully meet demand in the off-season, says Ministry of Agriculture

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Kazakhstan will halt the export of onions for three months in order to stabilize onion prices and ensure self-sufficiency, QazMonitor reports.

The rush demand of third countries for Kazakh onions is associated with natural disasters in Pakistan, one of the largest onion producers in Asia and globally. Floods in Pakistan caused a global increase in prices for onions, including in the market of our republic. There is additional pressure on prices from severe frosts in the southern regions of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where a large part of the harvest was damaged. The main onion producers are now actively importing Kazakh onions

Ministry of Agriculture of Kazakhstan

Considering all the factors, the Interdepartmental Commission of Kazakhstan on Foreign Trade Policy and Participation in Economic Organizations made the decision to issue a temporary ban on exports during the off-season.

According to the Bureau of National Statistics of Kazakhstan, in 2022, the onion harvest in the country amounted to 1.1 million tonnes, while the annual domestic consumption in the country is about 315 000 tonnes – almost 3.5 times less.

The confirmed stocks of onions in Kazakhstan this year amount to 152 400 tonnes, or only 14% of the total volume of last year’s harvest.

The Ministry of Agriculture assured that the available onion stocks are sufficient to fully meet the demand of the population until the early harvest arrives from neighboring countries around April–May.

The Ministry of Trade and Integration has developed a draft roadmap to ensure the timely delivery of imported vegetables. Key crops will be distributed according to regions and retail chains.

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