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Astana, Kazakhstan • 02 November, 2022 | 11:05

Top 3 Kazakh Music Videos You Must Watch

Gakku TV hit 3 million subscribers on YouTube

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Gakku TV
Gakku TV

So, you happened to listen to a Kazakh song (Dimash?), liked it, and are now interested in finding more artists - where to start? In the eight years it has been around, Gakku TV has become a daily source of entertainment for millions of viewers. From its humble beginnings as a cable channel supporting both indie bands and mainstream Kazakh celebrities, Gakku TV now boasts 3 million subscribers on its official Youtube channel – the first among media in Kazakhstan to hit such a number.

QazMonitor has chosen the top 2,798 videos (sort of) on Gakku TV’s Youtube channel that every Kazakh music lover must see.

1. The very first

It all started on September 17, 2014. A music video for Kimadin by Makpal Issabekova and Dilnaz Akhmadiyeva was the channel’s first-ever upload. Don’t be fooled by the video’s 1 million views - a modest number by the channel’s standards today. The number is really impressive considering the minimal representation of Kazakh music on YouTube before Gakku.

2. The most popular

If you were in Kazakhstan in the summer of 2017, then you must have heard of this song. Seriously, the beloved Kaida? by Yerke Yesmahan never skipped a day to blast through any device capable of producing sound. The clip has all things 2017 - mountains, dress changes, and close-ups of men dramatically looking in the camera eye in front of the green screen. Irony aside, the video for the beloved hit is just short of 139 million views on Gakku TV. Watch it to hear the best Kazakh mainstream pop had to offer half a decade ago. And then watch it again.

3. Can’t-wait-for-it

MVs are fun, but Gakku also likes their music live. The channel has hosted seven music fests, blending genres and delivering the hottest artists to the listener year after year. This year, Gakku Dauysy 2022 boasted Ninety One, Say Mo, Dequine, M'Dee, Yenlik, Aikyn, dudeontheguitar, and many others, with Jah Khalib as the headliner. If you missed it, no worries - the full video is to be published soon. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the 4-hour music concert from the 2019 fest. Or even better - go watch Gakku TV’s latest programs like TIKTOKHANA or TOP APTA. There are 2,798 videos waiting for you to explore.

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