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Astana, Kazakhstan • 20 March, 2024 | 18:48
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8 Nauryz Weekend Events to Attend in Astana, Almaty

Exhibitions, concerts, techno-yurts, and other things to see from March 21 to 25

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Photo by Ongarbek Alkharov
Photo by Ongarbek Alkharov

This week, the nation celebrates the spring equinox holiday Nauryz marking the beginning of a new year and nature’s rejuvenation. As many of us are about to get five days off, QazMonitor has picked events in Astana and Almaty for you to embrace the spirit of Nauryz. Residents and visitors of both cities will have a chance to witness the whole spectrum of ambiance and colors brought by the spring holiday through music concerts, art exhibitions, savoring the flavors of traditional cuisine and even playing traditional Kazakh games.

Discover the holiday events in the digest by QazMonitor below.



Guitar evening GV Nauryz Special

The creative union ŞAÑYRAQ celebrates Nauryz with an evening of music featuring Kazakh indie bands qoñyr äwen and WineChaos. The headliner of the event nasiafromasia will play a solo jazz set.

Date: March 23, 7:00 p.m.

Address: Kitapashar, Kenen Azerbayev Street 8

Entrance: ₸5,000 ($11.08 as of March 20)

Astana Opera
Astana Opera

Az-Nauryz (Әз-Наурыз) holiday concert

Artists of Astana Opera prepared a vibrant Az-Nauryz concert dedicated to the spring holiday of Nauryz. The concert offers a rich tapestry of folk songs, operatic arias, and duets by Kazakh composers, along with musical pieces representing the diverse cultural heritage of Kazakhstan.

Date: March 23, 6:00 p.m.

Address: Astana Opera, Dinmukhamed Qonayev Street 1

Entrance: ₸1,000–₸5,000 ($2.22–$11.08)

Collage by QazMonitor
Collage by QazMonitor

Astana Symphony Orchestra’s Nauryz Songs (Наурыз әуендері) concert 

Zhastar Palace invites residents and guests of the capital to celebrate the holiday at Nauryz Songs concert. The program by Astana Symphony Orchestra presents original interpretations of vocal, instrumental, folk, and classical pieces by renowned Kazakh and international composers. Performances by honored artists of the country promise a memorable celebration for all attendees through the fresh and unusual arrangements of beloved pieces.

Date: March 21, 6:00 p.m.

Address: Zhastar Palace, Respublika Avenue 34

Entrance: ₸2,000 ($4.43)

Collage by QazMonitor
Collage by QazMonitor

Nauryz celebration at EXPO International Exhibition Center

EXPO Center will host the festive fair Nauryz Bazaar featuring a wide array of regional delicacies and artisanal products from Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, Azerbaijan, and other foreign countries. It’s a cultural experience for the whole family where visitors may delight in a feast of oriental cuisine, while children enjoy arkan tartu (tug of war), and such national games as asyk atu, togyzkumalak, and more.

Date: March 21, 1:00 p.m.

Address: EXPO IEC, Mangilik Yel Avenue 53/1

Entrance: Free



"We Greet You, Great Nauryz" exhibition

Celebrate the spring equinox with the exhibition "We Greet You, Great Nauryz" at Almaty Gallery, featuring the works of Kazakh art masters Ongarbek Alkharov and Laila Zharkyn. Explore the beauty and depth of Kazakh culture through poignant photography by Alkharov capturing the essence of Kazakh life and Zharkyn’s intricate felt carpets depicting the rich heritage and memories of the Kazakh people.

Date: from March 20 to April 4, doors are open 11:00 a.m.-7:00 p.m. (The exhibition starts on March 20 at 6:00 p.m.)

Address: Almaty Gallery, Dostyq Avenue 44

Entrance: Free

Nauryz National Gala Concert

Residents and visitors of Almaty have a chance to experience the cultural splendor of the nation with the State Academic Dance Theatre’s National Gala Concert celebrating Nauryz. The evening presents a fusion of Kazakh and classical dance with stunning choreography. The event will be highlighted by a special performance of Bolero by Kazakh ballet legend Bulat Ayukhanov to the evocative music of French impressionist composer Maurice Ravel.

Date: March 25, 7:00 p.m.

Address: Zhambyl Kazakh National Philarmonic, Kaldayakov Street 35

Entrance: ₸800-3,000 ($1.77–$6.65)

Instagram/zaqcount; Instagram/tamgamusic
Instagram/zaqcount; Instagram/tamgamusic

Nauryz Fest

International ski complex Sunkar will transform into a hub of neo-ethnic festivities. The open-air party will feature an alloy of tradition and modernity with performances by ZAQ, ARO, TAMGA, and DJ KINGMACCARELLA. The celebration promises excitement and cultural immersion with a diverse array of activities, ethnic treats and themed ‘yurt’ zones — Cyber-yurt, Techno-yurt, and even Stand-up-yurt.

Note: Free entry for children under 13 accompanied by a ticket-holding adult

Date: March 23, 2:00 p.m.

Address: International ski complex Sunkar, Al-Farabi Avenue 128/8

Entrance: ₸10,000 ($22.117)


The Spirit of the Nation (Ұлыстың рухы) Nauryz program at Kasteyev Museum

A. Kasteyev State Museum of Art arranged The Spirit of the Nation Nauryz holiday program. The museum invites you to experience the rich traditions of Nauryz and immerse yourself in a day of festive joy and cultural appreciation. The program features cultural, entertainment, artistic, and educational activities suitable for all ages.

Note: The program includes several events and activities from March 21 to 23. Refer to the museum’s Instagram page for each event’s hours and prices within the celebration program.

Date: from March 21 to 23

Address: A. Kasteyev Museum, Koktem-3 Microdistrict, 22/1

Entrance: Varies depending on the event within the program. Refer to the Kasteyev Museum’s Instagram page.

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