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Astana, Kazakhstan • 09 February, 2024 | 11:19
1 min read

Kazakh Video Editors Add Flair to Kanye West's Latest MVs

Medet Shayakhmetov contributed to the creation of two latest videos for 'Vultures', the title track from Ye' new album

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Stills from 'Vultures’ (Juice Version); instagram/kanyewest
Stills from 'Vultures’ (Juice Version); instagram/kanyewest

The super duo ¥$, composed of Kanye West and Ty Dollar Sign, have released music videos for the title track of their upcoming album Vultures. The Kazakh team, consisting of editor Medet Shayakhmetov and assistant editor Kaisar Adilkhan, along with the production staff at VFX studio Buralqy, shared their contributions to “Vultures” (Juice Version) on Instagram, QazMonitor reports.

‘Vultures’ (Havoc Version) is an AI-generated video setting West’s lyrics to the imagery of found footage, low-quality news reports, and security cam footage. ‘Vultures’ (Juice Version) features pixelated close-ups of the artists performing under a spotlight.

Shayakhmetov, who contributed to the creation of both videos, shared on Telegram, “I was fortunate to be part of creating this MV. Jon [QM. – Jon Rafman, director of the Havoc Version] generates the images in Midjourney and animates them in Runway's Gen-2.” He further elaborated, “It may sound straightforward initially, but achieving a satisfactory outcome requires generating thousands of iterations before finding the right one.”

Earlier, Aisultan Seitov's music video for the Grammy-winning track ‘a lot’ by 21 Savage feat. J. Cole was ranked 82nd on Rolling Stone’s “The 150 Greatest Hip-Hop Videos of All Time” list.

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