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Astana, Kazakhstan • 14 November, 2023 | 11:50
3 min read

Astana International Short Film Festival Promises a Cinematic Journey Beyond Borders

The celebration crafted by film lovers for film lovers will take place in Astana from November 16 to 18

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AISFF (Collage by QazMonitor)
AISFF (Collage by QazMonitor)

November 16–18, the highly anticipated Astana International Short Film Festival is set to captivate film enthusiasts at the Arsenal Astana cinema. A celebration of the art of short filmmaking, the festival promises an unforgettable experience for attendees with a carefully curated program that showcases outstanding works from Kazakhstan and across the globe.

The highlights of the AISFF also include an impressive array of lectures from renowned industry experts:

Day 1 - November 16

The festival kicks off with an Opening Ceremony, marking the beginning of a three-day-long journey into the world of film and art.

Special Screening - Destruction: Immerse yourself in an enthralling non-linear narrative where reality seamlessly merges with fantasy.

Lecture by Aidos Seitzhan - Why Should You Make and Watch Documentary Films?: Explore the profound impact of documentary film on our world and what it offers to audiences.

Special Screening of Who Am I at 23?: A unique autobiographical portrait crafted from vintage footage.

Video Art and Music Video Competition: Witness a fierce competition among creators of video art and music videos.

Non-Competitive Program - Animation: Charming stories brought to life through the art of animation.

Non-Competitive Program - International Cinema: Embark on a global journey into the diverse world of cinema.

Opening Film - Et [ЭТ]: An Almanac by the revered Yakut directors of our time.

Day 2 - November 17

Special Screening of Expiration Date: Dive into the profound world of documentary cinema.

Competition Works: The best short films vie for your attention.

Presentation by Zaman Media: Bringing the history of Kazakh cinema to life through an innovative multimedia project.

Master Class by Alibi Mukushev on Directing the Editing. Magic between Frames: Learn from a maestro of the art of montage.

Lecture by Alexandra Porshneva - Film Critic and Short Film: What Do We Need Each Other For?: Explore the dynamic interaction between critics and the art of short film.

Special Screening of international film festival winners: Enjoy the exceptional artistry of recognized creators.

Special Screening Films - The Pink Seagulls and Dina: Two compelling films for discerning cinephiles.

Day Three - November 18

Competition Works: Witness the culmination of the competition among short films.

Premiere Screening of Animation Matches by Alibi Mukushev: A captivating work of multimedia art.

Inna Smailova - New Romanticism in Kazakh Feature Film - In Continuing the Conversation: A discussion on the evolving landscape of Kazakh feature films.

Award Ceremony: A grand finale to honor and celebrate the festival's winners.

Closing Film - Otau: A poignant narrative about family and values.

Don't miss the chance to be part of this cinematic celebration at the Astana International Short Film Festival. The tickets are available via this link.

About the Astana International Short Film Festival

The Astana International Short Film Festival is a global platform dedicated to promoting and celebrating the art of short filmmaking. Bringing together filmmakers, industry professionals, and cinephiles, the festival aims to foster creativity and collaboration in the world of cinema.

The hosts of the event claim that the AISFF is not just a festival; it's a celebration crafted by film lovers for film lovers. This cinematic extravaganza brings together a diverse array of short films, carefully selected and compiled into an almanac, guided by a singular vision. The resulting film travels the world, connecting audiences through the universal language of cinema.

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