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Astana, Kazakhstan • 28 October, 2023 | 15:33

Big Surprise for Kazakh Potterheads: Tom Felton Spotted in Astana

Best known for playing Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter franchise, the actor appeared in a photo taken in the Kazakh capital

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To the huge surprise of all Kazakh lovers of the Harry Potter franchise, Tom Felton is visiting Astana, QazMonitor reports.

Felton, who played a fan-favorite Draco Malfoy in the ubiquitous ‘Potterverse’ movies, appeared in the Instagram photo feed of Sanzhar Mustafin, the Head of Musan Group.

The photo was taken at Alfa Gentlemen barber shop on October 26, which gives away the fact that the actor is currently in Astana.

In a comment given to the QazMonitor reporter, Mustafin confirmed that the meeting indeed took place earlier that day and described his interaction with Felton as ‘really pleasant’.

“In real life, Tom Felton is the complete opposite of his popular movie character from "Harry Potter". Incredibly charming guy!’ Mustafin wrote in his post on Instagram.

While QazMonitor reporters do not have much information to share about the actor’s visit to our country, some commentators on social media claim that Felton’s visit is linked to a new independent project currently being filmed in Kazakhstan.

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