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Astana, Kazakhstan • 18 May, 2023 | 17:27

Night of Museums: National Museum to Large-Scale Educational Event in Astana

This year, the museum halls will see not only exhibition tours and quests, but also lectures on history and an extensive concert program

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Adelina Kulyashkina of QazMonitor
Adelina Kulyashkina of QazMonitor

On May 18, the National Museum will organize a captivating event of historical education commemorating International Museum Day, QazMonitor reports.

This year's theme for the 'Night of Museums', presented by the International Council of Museums, revolves around 'Museums, Sustainability, and Wellbeing'. It highlights the crucial role museums play as integral threads in the social fabric, tackling climate action and promoting inclusivity.

The National Museum has curated a grand event that promises an immersive experience starting at 10:00 a.m. The day kicks off with a symposium, delving into modern museum practices, followed by captivating exhibition tours and quests. As the clock nears 6:00 p.m., the focus will shift to the main highlight – a concert program featuring performances by the Saryarka folklore ensemble, the Brass Bass of the State Academic Philharmonic, and DJ sets.

The evening program features a diverse range of activities, including an exhibition showcasing editions from the National Museum and books from the Almatykitap publishing house, as well as the exquisite dolls collection depicting historical figures. Engaging lectures on Kazakh history, an artisan fair, theatricalized tours, and thrilling quests will further captivate the visitors.

Additionally, historians Radik Temirgaliyev, Zhaxylyk Sabitov, and Mukhit-Ardager Sydyknazarov, as well as media manager Armanzhan Baytasov, blogger Dias Cameridanov, and the founder of the Pygmalion Art Gallery, Danagul Tulebayeva, will provide exclusive guided tours, offering a unique insight into the exhibits.

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