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Astana, Kazakhstan • 24 March, 2023 | 17:30

Nauryz Events to Attend in Astana and Almaty, March 21-23

Ballet love story, Nauryz concert, and Kazakh clothing brands fair

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Collage by QazMonitor (Instagram/gvozdev.shege; Instagram/aurora_space)
Collage by QazMonitor (Instagram/gvozdev.shege; Instagram/aurora_space)

Are you ready to welcome the approaching spring equinox? The festivities to follow are sure to cheer you up! In Astana, a truly imaginative production will be set up to retell a story as old as time, while, in Almaty, a fair featuring local brands will be held, providing an opportunity for the local community to come together and enjoy the festive spirit of Nauryz.

Check out the full list of events by QazMonitor below.


Astana Opera
Astana Opera

Qalqaman – Mamyr opera-ballet

A story as old as time – two lovers pitted against a society that spurns their love not so much out of spite as out of indifference and customs whose meaning has long been forgotten by the denouncers themselves.

NOTE: the opera will be in Kazakh with subtitles in English and Russian.

Date: March 21, 6:00 p.m.

Address: Astana Opera, Dinmukhamed Qonayev Street 1

Entrance: ₸1,500–₸5,000


Nauryz – a melody of Spring

Join the Kalleki theater orchestra for a celebration of nature's awakening with music and stories depicting poignant tales that reveal the very genesis of Kazakh history and all of its mysteries.

Date: March 23, 6:00 p.m.

Address: Kazakh state academic musical drama theatre named after K.Kuanyshbayev, Kalibek Kuanyshbayev Street 8/1

Entrance: ₸2,500–₸5,000


New day exhibition

The New Day's exhibition space is defined by the conceptual difference between the vibrancy of Amanat Nazarkul's bold strokes, Vladimir Gvozdev's meditative ornamental works, and Natalia Krivets's ancient embroidery, enveloping the space with ancient protective charms.

Date: until March 31

Address: ForteBank Kulanshi Art Space, Dostyk Street 8/1

Entrance: Free



Nauryz Aurora pop-up market

Discover the delights of the Aurora market celebrating the arrival of the spring equinox – you'll find a warm and welcoming local community, as well as a treasure trove of Kazakh vintage clothing, custom tea sets, beautifully embroidered shawls, and homemade wine.

Date: March 21-22.

Address: Aurora Space, Zhambyl Street 55/57

Entrance: Free

Spirit play

Deutsche theater invites everyone to experience the narrated dance performance following the history of the Great Steppe through its inception in the ancient times of the Saka people to the unending two-hundred-year rivalry between Kazakhs and Dzungars, and to the tumultuous times of the Alash Autonomy.

NOTE: the play will be in Russian.

Date: March 23.

Address: Republican academic German drama theater, Papanin Street 70/1

Entrance: ₸2,000

Ibragim Kubekov’s exhibition

Ibragim Kubekov is a talented cartoonist who has a knack for capturing the whimsical side of everyday life, bringing to life the characters of his little stories with skillful artistry.

Date: until April 12

Address: Abylkhan Kasteyev Museum of Arts, Koktem-3 microdistrict, 22/1

Entrance: ₸200-₸500

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