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Astana, Kazakhstan • 28 February, 2024 | 20:28
5 min read

A Guide on Medical Tourism in Kazakhstan in 2024

Costs, JCI-certified centers, waiting times, and entry requirements — essential information for medical tourists planning a trip to Kazakhstan

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Collage by QazMonitor

Kazakhstan is developing its potential as a destination for medical tourism. Visa-free regimes with 80+ countries, reasonable accommodation costs, and a diverse range of medical services can potentially make Kazakhstan even more popular among foreign visitors.

Considering the quality of services, Kazakhstan currently has 10 medical centers certified by Joint Commission International, says Askar Yessekeyev, Medical Director of the Kazakhstan Association of Medical Tourism (KAMT).

QazMonitor sat down with the expert to make a comprehensive guide for medical tourism in Kazakhstan. Find out in the guide below everything you need on estimated costs of certain procedures, quality and certification of the medical centers, waiting time, registration process, and entry requirements.

The cost of medical procedures in Kazakhstan


According to KAMT, in Kazakhstan, medical services are offered at competitive rates compared to some neighboring countries, presenting substantial savings for patients seeking various treatments.

For example, services in neurosurgery, including brain tumor removal with a Gamma Knife, are competitively priced at approximately $4,120. Procedures such as Aorto coronary bypass surgery are priced at around $4,800. The price does not include hospital stay, meal service, and diagnostic tests.

According to KAMT, the approximate costs of some popular medical services are as follows:

  • Hip replacement surgery costs approximately $5,555. The price includes a prosthetic implant, a 12–13 day hospital stay, meal service, and diagnostic tests.

  • Dentistry services, including implants with artificial teeth, are notably affordable, averaging $1,000 to $1,200 per entire procedure. The price includes the cost of an implant and crown.

  • In vitro fertilization procedures range from $4,000 to $5,000.

  • Hair transplantation is also accessible, with prices averaging at $0.55 per graft.

  • Check-up programs cater to a range of budgets, with costs varying from $300 to $2,000 depending on the examination profile.

What medical centers in Kazakhstan are JCI-recognized?


Joint Commission International, US (JCI) certificate for medical organizations is a common standard, defining objective recognition of the quality and safety of services for patients. As of 2023, over 1,000 organizations in 71 countries are accredited by JCI. Its mission is implemented in Israel, South Korea, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and China.

JCI focuses on patient care and safety. It evaluates approaches to solving problems and meeting the requirements of international healthcare standards. The members are required to pass the examination and renew their accreditation every 3 years.

In 2024, 10 medical organizations in Kazakhstan have passed international accreditation by JCI.

  1. National Research Cardiac Surgery Center (Astana)

  2. National Center for Neurosurgery (Astana)

  3. Republican Diagnostic Center (Astana)

  4. National Children’s Rehabilitation Center (Astana)

  5. National Scientific Center of Motherhood and Childhood (Astana)

  6. Umit International Oncological Center of TomoTherapy (Astana)

  7. The Hospital of the Medical Center of President's Affairs Administration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Astana)

  8. The Central Clinical Hospital (Almaty)

  9. Research Institute of Cardiology and Internal Medicine (Almaty)

  10. Research Clinical Center of Cardiac Surgery and Transplantology (Taraz)

These medical centers have specialized departments that focus on assisting inbound international patients. 

Average waiting time for medical services


KAMT expert shares that waiting times for medical procedures in the Republic of Kazakhstan are typically short for medical tourists. The process for international patients begins online, where they provide necessary medical documents and receive consultation. Within a few days, doctors review the information, provide their recommendations, and schedule the operation, minimizing waiting times for patients.

Visa and entry requirements


Visitors from over 80 countries can enjoy visa-free entry to Kazakhstan, making it possible to access medical services in the country. With simplified visa-free entry, tourists can stay and travel within Kazakhstan for up to 30 days without the hassle of obtaining a visa. For travelers from countries not included in the visa-free list, it's important to check the visa requirements before planning the trip.

Popular medical services in Kazakhstan


Medical organizations in Kazakhstan offer a range of services, but the most prevalent in demand among international medical tourists are as follows:

Cardio surgery

Cardiac surgery in the Republic of Kazakhstan has made significant strides in scientific and technological advancements. The leading institution in this field is the National Research Cardiac Surgery Center directed by Yuri Pya. Since its establishment, the center has introduced 21 innovative medical technologies.

On November 7, 2011, the center's doctors successfully implanted Kazakhstan's first left ventricular assist device (HeartMate II).

On December 13, 2011, the center performed a groundbreaking procedure by implanting the latest generation HeartWare Ventricular Assist Device (VAD), making Kazakhstan one of only 22 countries globally conducting such advanced open heart surgeries.

On August 8, 2012, the center achieved another milestone by performing the country's first-ever donor heart transplant on a patient with chronic heart failure.


The primary institution leading in the field of neurosurgery is the National Center for Neurosurgery, headed by Serik Akshulakov. This scientific center specializes in performing numerous intricate procedures on the brain, spinal cord, and associated vessels.

One of the notable advancements is the utilization of a Gamma Knife. In June 2021, the center introduced a Gamma Knife complex manufactured by the Swedish company Elekta. This milestone makes Kazakhstan the third country in the CIS and the first in Central Asia to possess such advanced equipment.


Dentistry in Kazakhstan has long been utilizing equipment from industry leaders such as Sirona, Ajax, Fengdan, and Genoray, alongside high-quality supplies sourced from Europe, Israel, and Korea. A wide range of services includes the following:

  • Implantation of artificial teeth with aesthetic crown components

  • Veneers for smile enhancement

  • Orthodontic treatments including braces

  • Prosthodontics and aligners for restoring dental function and aesthetics

  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery for complex dental issues

Children's dental care is a priority and in high demand, emphasizing the importance of early oral health interventions.

Joint replacement

Large joint endoprosthetics is an intricate medical procedure, which involves replacing joints with artificial ones. The primary hub for this in Kazakhstan is the Scientific Center of Traumatology and Orthopedics, named after Academician N.D. Batpenov. This center, located in Astana, is a renowned medical facility pioneering endoprosthetics. Patients receive comprehensive care, including surgical and conservative treatments, as well as rehabilitation services.

Utilizing implants from reputable global brands, the center adheres to the highest standards of surgical interventions, akin to those practiced in leading German clinics. This commitment to excellence ensures patients receive top-quality care and optimal outcomes for their joint replacement surgeries.

In vitro fertilization

As a regional reproductive medicine frontrunner in Central Asia, Kazakh clinics encompass a range of advanced procedures, including thorough preliminary examinations, laboratory analyses, and genetic tests. The expertise extends to comprehensive treatment options for both male and female infertility, as well as precise endocrinological corrections.

Hair transplantation

Hair graft transplantation clinics in Kazakhstan find an effective solution for scalp alopecia and various cosmetic concerns. In addition to addressing hair loss on the scalp, this procedure extends to enhancing facial features such as eyebrows, beard, and mustache. Patients can choose between various transplantation methods that utilize advanced mechanical devices, ensuring patients have a range of options tailored to their needs.

Aesthetic medicine

In the Republic of Kazakhstan, aesthetic medicine has seen significant growth offering a comprehensive range of procedures catering to diverse cosmetic needs. Individuals have access to a wide array of options for enhancing their appearance including:

  • Mammoplasty: Breast surgery

  • Blepharoplasty: Eyelid surgery

  • Rhinoplasty: Nose surgery

  • Brachioplasty: Arm lift surgery

  • Gluteoplasty: Buttocks augmentation surgery

  • Cruroplasty: Thigh contouring surgery

  • Platysmoplasty: Neck tightening surgery

  • Epicanthoplasty: Eye widening surgery

  • Otoplasty: Ear surgery

  • Cheiloplasty: Lip surgery

These services are delivered by five private clinics across the country.


All major clinics in the Republic of Kazakhstan provide checkup programs. They typically include a range of tests and screenings tailored to various age groups and health needs, ensuring thorough and personalized care. Additionally, these checkup programs help in early detection of potential health issues.

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