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Astana, Kazakhstan • 28 December, 2023 | 09:40
1 min read

Kazakhstan's Aviation in 2023: 23% Surge in Passenger Traffic, 13M Record High

The country’s airline carriers have expanded fleet from 89 to 99 aircraft

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A culture of air transport usage is actively developing in the aviation sector, with air transportation gaining popularity among the population. The Ministry of Transport reports that there has been a notable 23% rise in passenger traffic.

This year, Kazakhstan's airlines achieved a record by carrying 13 million passengers. The fleet of airline companies expanded from 89 to 99 aircraft, increasing seat capacity from 12 to 15 thousand, resulting in a growth of 26%. These measures are expected to enhance the accessibility of air transportation and improve flight regularity.

Currently, construction is underway for three new passenger terminals in Shymkent, Kyzylorda, and Almaty, funded by private investments. The completion of these terminals is scheduled for March, May, and June of next year respectively.

To ensure affordable air transportation coverage for all regions, 23 domestic socially important and tourist routes have been subsidized. By year-end, Kazakhstan's airports are projected to serve over 25 million passengers, indicating a 22% increase from 2022.

The volume of domestic transportation has been fully restored, with 640 flights on 50 routes per week. Additionally, Kazakhstan has established international air traffic with 28 countries. This year saw the resumption of flights to 13 countries on 23 routes, with the introduction of new flights.

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