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Astana, Kazakhstan • 26 October, 2022 | 09:24

Works of Kazakh Writers to Be Translated into World Languages

Ministry of culture and sports are negotiating with foreign publishers

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Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan
Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Culture and Sports is negotiating with foreign publishers to translate and distribute the works of Kazakh writers and poets, QazMonitor reports citing the press service of the ministry of culture and sports.

Chair of the Committee for Archives and Records Management Kuat Borash visited the world’s largest book trading event, the Frankfurt International Book Fair, where he was said to have reached an agreement with several publishing companies.

The annual five-day event gathers thousands of writers, poets and playwrights as well as representatives of large book publishing, multimedia and technology companies from 100 countries to discuss major book deals, publishing rights, and license fees.

Borash emphasized that Kazakh literature has a special place in world literature and has every right to be presented so that people around the world can become familiar with Kazakhstan’s history and culture.

“Our task is to promote both classical and modern authors to European and Asian markets,” said Kuat Borash. “That is why today we are negotiating with leading publishers to translate and promote our national literature."

The agreement suggests a larger, state-level involvement in the translation of Kazakh works, which, until now, had been carried out mostly by individual writers and publishers, producing the translated books in limited copies.

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