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Astana, Kazakhstan • 08 October, 2022 | 21:21

Concert Dedicated to Roza Baglanova's 100th Anniversary Was Held in Paris

The singer’s extensive multinational repertoire made her the voice of an entire era

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Ministry of Culture and Sport
Ministry of Culture and Sport

Renat Gaisin, Zhubanysh Zheksenuly, Medet Chotabaev and many other celebrated artists of Kazakhstan performed at the concert dedicated to singer Roza Baglanova’s 100th anniversary held at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, QazMonitor reports.

"The creative and life path of Roza Tazhibayevna is known far beyond the borders of Kazakhstan,” said Minister of Culture Dauren Abayev. “She toured around the world extensively and popularized our culture and art. Her nightingale-like voice was admired by audiences in more than 50 countries.”

In 1957, Baglanova gave concerts in Hungary, Germany, China, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan, India, Austria, Belgium, Burma, Sweden and Canada.

Abayev added: “Her repertoire, consisting of Kazakh folk songs, works of modern composers, and foreign songs, suggested that she was not only a Kazakh singer but the voice of an entire era.”

Last year, UNESCO added the 100th anniversary of Roza Baglanova to the list of international anniversaries of UNESCO for 2022-2023.

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