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Astana, Kazakhstan • 22 September, 2022 | 15:16
1 min read

Have Kazakh Banks Stopped Using Russian Mir Payment?

Halyk Bank, Bereke Bank, VTB and Bank CenterCredit respond

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Have banks in Kazakhstan really stopped accepting Mir cards? The correspondent of QazMonitor contacted the banks to clarify the issue.

Earlier, the Russian medium Izvestia reported that banks in Kazakhstan and Vietnam suspended the use of Mir payment system, following the example of Turkish banks.

On September 20, the website of the Mir payment system closed the page displaying the geography of their terminals. The message of the National Payment Card System (NPCS) on April 20, 2022 indicated that their card is accepted as a form of payment in eight countries, including Vietnam (in the infrastructure of NAPAS payment system - BIDV and VRB banks) and Kazakhstan (cash withdrawals and payments were available on the devices of the following banks: VTB, Sberbank, Halyk bank, Bank CenterCredit).

Kazakh banks commented on the situation.

ATMs of Halyk Bank do not accept Mir payment card, while POS terminals of the largest financial institution of the country still continue to work with this card, the bank noted.

"VTB Bank (Kazakhstan) fully services the cards of Mir payment system of any banks. Cash withdrawal in the ATM network and bank cash offices is carried out without restrictions,” the press service of the Kazakh subsidiary of the Russian bank stated.

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