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Kazakhstan to Recognize Courses on Coursera as Credit

Microsoft proposes to transform its branch in Kazakhstan into a Microsoft-Central Asia office

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Microsoft, EPAM, and Coursera are interested in developing IT education in Kazakhstan, QazMonitor reports citing the minister of digital development, innovation and aerospace industry.

In a Facebook post published today, Minister of Digital Development Bagdat Mussin highlighted EPAM’s operations in over 160 universities in 10 countries and their effort to create learning laboratories around the world. In Kazakhstan, the company created one laboratory that operates at Karaganda State Technical University. The program already trained over 3,500 IT specialists.

According to Mussin, the ministry aims to collaborate with Coursera to create and launch Kazakh-language courses on their platform. His department and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education are also jointly working on officially recognizing the online courses in the state’s educational credit system.

Microsoft’s representatives proposed the possibility of transforming the company's Kazakh branch into a Microsoft-Central Asia office that handles the training of IT specialists in the region.