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Astana, Kazakhstan • 07 September, 2022 | 15:36
1 min read

TikTok and UNICEF Launch Charity Month in Kazakhstan

The platform's hashtag challenge calls for more good deeds

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TikTok and UNICEF’s joint campaign to promote charity in Kazakhstan will include live broadcasts and a hashtag challenge where users can share their experiences and inspire others to do good deeds, QazMonitor reports citing UNICEF Kazakhstan.

Charity Month kicked off on September 5, marked in the calendar as International Charity Day, on TikTok where UNICEF experts and volunteers participated in a series of live streams to educate viewers about charity funds and activities in the world and in Kazakhstan.

On September 6 and 7, UNICEF representatives will tackle topics like volunteering, climate change, school bullying, and gender equality in education, specifically in STEM.

The movement aims to help change the lives of young people for the better. TikTok users can participate using the hashtag #Марафондобра2022 (#Marathonofkindness2022) to spread awareness and increase the number of good deeds done in the upcoming month.

Nadezhda Lapina, senior operations manager at TikTok, said:

"People come to TikTok to share their creativity, learn something new, and talk about what really matters to them. We, in turn, aim to help users discover new opportunities and realize their potential, through actions that do good and make the world around them better. The #Марафондобра2022 project is another step in this direction. We are glad that this time we were supported by UNICEF. Together, we will be able to inspire even more users and make the practice of charity in Kazakhstan more popular".

To participate in the challenge, the user has to record a video about what charity means to them, share their personal experience and recommendations, and talk about their favorite charity project. The video should be posted on TikTok under the hashtag #Марафондобра2022 until October 5.

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