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Astana, Kazakhstan • 07 September, 2022 | 11:49
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Kazakhstan Exports Record Volume of Coal to Europe in 2022

The value of coal exports totaled to almost $372 million

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Kazakhstan sent 6.4 million tons of coal to Europe in the first seven months of 2022, QazMonitor reports with reference to’s Telegram message

About 5 million of the total volume of exports were exported between March and July.

According to the message, the 6.4 million tons worth $371.8 million is a record volume of shipments for Kazakhstan, which exported 5.2 million tons in the whole year of 2021. Previously, the volume had not exceeded 4 million tons.

The main importers of Kazakh coal in Europe this year are Switzerland (4.5 million tons), Poland (723 thousand tons), Cyprus (687 thousand tons) and Belgium (213 thousand tons). Additional buyers are from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Liechtenstein, Romania and Latvia.

Earlier in August, data released by the Bureau of National Statistics stated that in the period January–June 2022 Kazakhstan produced 57.3 million tons of hard coal. The largest volume of shipments was sent to Russia (over 8.4 million tons), followed by Switzerland (3.3 million tons), Poland (632.3 thousand tons), and the Kyrgyz Republic (343.5 thousand tons).

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