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Astana, Kazakhstan • 03 August, 2022 | 17:03

Almaty's New Eco Project Aims to Plant 15,000 Apple Trees

The territory will have gardens and facilities to contribute to ecotourism

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A new green project in Almaty aims to revive the famous apple orchards of the region. Residents and guests of the city will be able to walk among 15,000 fruit trees of different varieties, such as the Sivers apple tree, Qazmonitor reports citing Tengrinews.

Environmental analyst and head of Firtst Ecobureau, Aliya Ermarkbayeva says that among the various development initiatives in the country, few of them have little regard for protecting the environment. This has caused a number of ecological problems, including the rapid decline in the number of Almaty region’s famous apple trees.

The Eden Resort project takes into consideration both the expansion of green spaces and the city’s growth potential in tourism. The company responsible for the project outline, RAMS Qazaqstan, decided that the best way to hit both points is by pursuing the endeavor of restoring the apple orchards, which have historical value, says Ermakbayeva.

Eden Resort will be located just above Ospanov street and will occupy 58 hectares of land, 21 hectares of which will be set aside for public areas. About 35,000 trees will be planted with 15,000 of them being apple trees.

One interesting feature will be the medicinal garden that will supposedly have more than 70 species of medicinal foothill herbs and shrubs, characteristic of our region. The herbs will be collected for making tea and cooking.

Eden Resort’s architects, Tony Phillipson and Murat Yilmaz, note that even the building materials used for part of the infrastructure will be more environmentally friendly. Pedestrian and bicycle paths, recreation areas, playgrounds, and a special amphitheater on the slope will be primarily wood and stone.

The site will also contribute to the tourism potential of Almaty and Kazakhstan by opening various health and wellness facilities for guests. Accommodations are also said to be included.

Bulbul Mehmet Faruk, the director of RAMS Qazaqstan, commented that international specialists - architects, planners, and engineers - as well as local environmental experts, were involved in developing the concept of Eden Resort. 

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