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Astana, Kazakhstan • 17 August, 2022 | 21:01
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Kazakhstani Students Win Six Medals at the International Math Olympiad in Oslo

Kazakhstan ranked 17th place out of 104

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A team of students from Kazakhstan set a record for the country at the International Mathematical Olympiad-2022, Qazmonitor reports with reference to the official Facebook post by the Minister of Education and Science Askhat Aimagambetov.

"Our team scored 174 points at one of the most prestigious subject Olympiads in the world. For winning such Olympiads, on behalf of the President, there will be prize money handed out to medalists and their teachers-mentors along with the opportunity to enter universities in Kazakhstan without passing the UNT," said the Minister.

All six members of the team won prizes. Tahir Satubaldin, Fetullakh Sam and Miron Yurkevich won silver, while Adilet Zauytkhan, Adilet Abu and Yuri Ten won bronze.

The Olympiad was attended by 589 students from 104 countries, including China, the USA, South Korea, Japan, UK, Italy and Canada. The Kazakhstani team ranked 17th in the world standings.

The top 3 positions were taken up by students from China, the USA and South Korea. Kazakhstan shared the ranking with Ukraine.

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