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Astana, Kazakhstan • 23 August, 2022 | 10:46

Will Riders Need a License for Electric Scooters in Kazakhstan?

New vehicle standards and speed limit came into force on July 1

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Kazakhstan has adopted new technical standards and guidelines for electric scooters, Qazmonitor reports citing This marks the first time the definition of the vehicle enters the country's administrative code.

From July 1, anyone who wishes to ride a scooter that accelerates faster than 50 km/h needs an A1 category driver's license, just like for a moped.

Safety concerns

According to Kolesa, until recently, electric scooters were not included in Kazakhstan's Highway Code and Administrative Code because there was no official definition of what it was. But the rise in accidents has pushed for amendments.  

The Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that since the beginning of this year there were over 40 reported accidents, with one of them being fatal. Most of these accidents occurred in Almaty.

Now, electric scooters are defined as "electric vehicles of individual mobility, having two or three wheels, intended for movement of one person by use of the electric motor (it), not having a seat, with a maximum constructive speed no more than 25 km/h".

New technical standards and speed limits have also been placed to ensure the safety of both the rider and the pedestrians that have to share the sidewalk.

Local riders and tourists who prefer to get around the city on an eco-friendly vehicle - this guide is for you.

Technical requirements for electric scooters and operating conditions

-The electric scoots must be equipped with an electric motor(s), a battery with a voltage not exceeding 100 VDC, and a charger for a voltage not exceeding 240 VAC.

-They must have a deck, steering wheel, two or three wheels, lighting devices (headlight in front and lantern in back), signal, braking system, and controls.

-The maximum speed is limited to 25 km/h. When moving in reverse or in pedestrian mode, the speed should be no more than 6 km/h.

-Modifying any parts of the electric scooter in order to increase the maximum speed or to remove the set maximum speed limit is not allowed.

Since manufacturers have different electric scooter designs, the standard has divided them into two types.

1. Two-axle with one wheel on the axle (two-wheeled electric scooter). Drive on the front/rear wheel or both.

2. Two-axle with one wheel on one axle and two wheels on the second axle (three-wheeled electric scooter). Drive on the front wheel/rear axle or both axles.

Rules for electric scooters

-Among required documents, the rider must provide information on the maximum weight of the rider; the maximum and, if applicable, the minimum height of the rider; and the maximum and/or the minimum age of the rider.

-The vehicle must not carry additional passengers, or tow other vehicles (including electric scooters, trailers, or semi-trailers) to carry cargo.

-The rider must be in a standing position while the vehicle is in motion.

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